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Our Services

Our Full Service On-Farm Veterinary Service provides clients with:

  • Interstate and Intrastate Health Certificates
  • General On-Farm Surgery
    • Displaced Abomasum
    • Cesarean
    • Caslic
    • Hernia Repair
    • Castration/Dehorning
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Vaccination and Treatment Protocol Development
    • See our basic Vaccine Recommendations
      • Dairy
      • Beef
    • Consult your Veterinarian  before changing Herd Health Protocols
  • In House and Referral Laboratory Services
  • Reproduction Management
    • Ultrasound Pregnancy Exams and Fetal Sexing
    • Bull Fertility Testing
    • Synchronization Protocols and AI
    • Embryo Transfer and Flushing
  • Nutritional Consultation
    • Ration Development and Balancing
    • In House and Referral Feed Analysis
  • Dairy Herd Management
    • Record Analysis and DC 305
    • Calf Raising Evaluations
    • Johnes Disease Risk Assessment
    • Transition Cow Risk Assessment
    • Drug Usage Oversight
  • Swine Management Services
    • Site Evaluation
    • Herd Disease Investigation
    • Vaccine Protocols
    • Commercial Production Consult

Stateline Milk Quality Specialist

Providing clients with on farm milking evaluations along with in-house diagnostic milk cultures helping producers market the highest quality milk.

  • Routine cow cultures
  • Bulk Tank culturing
  • Bedding cultures
  • Pasteurizer sampling
  • Colostrum checks
  • Microbiology supplies
  • Milking Time assessment
  • Milker Evaluation
  • Milking routine evaluation
  • Teat end condition scoring
  • Udder hygiene scoring
  • On-farm culture training
  • Identification of individual clinical and subclinical mastitis cases
  • DHIA record evaluation (identifying key risk factors that influence milk quality)
  • Meetings & Reports
  • Quarterly meetings to discuss progress and goals
  • Monitoring clinical cases cultured
  • Assessment reports
  • Milking Procedure training

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Our Team

Dan Gander DVM
Larry Hargarten DVM
Kailey Ann McPhail DVM
John Kornmann, DVM
Sarah Twing – SVS, SVH Supply, & IVS
Benjamin Veum – SVS Repro

Jake Kuenster DVM
Tom Strause DVM
Austin Wenck DVM
Dana Brandl – SVS Repro
Dan Vyvyan – SVS Repro
Kelli Fischer

Dr. Dagmara Schroeder

Dr. David Chapman

Dr. Joe Severson 

Bobbie Luckey – SVH Supply

 Dawn Fritz– SVS & SVH Supply

Kathy Duhigg – SVS & SVH Supply

Emilie Cerny – SVS Repro

Dr. Bios

Dan Gander, DVM
Dr. Gander graduated from the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine in 2010. After a year of dairy practice in northeast Wisconsin, Dr. Gander joined SVS in 2011 providing mostly dairy herd health and food animal general practice.

Currently, Dan spends the majority of his practice time focused on supporting the SVS Repro team, performing DFR, OPU, MOET and ET while working with producers to maximize the performance of these technologies in their herds.


When he’s not practicing veterinary medicine, Dan is spending time with his family. His wife Annie, is a small animal veterinarian and together they have 4 children: Ryne, Hailey, Reese and Brooks. The Ganders raise Hereford beef, play/coach many sports, enjoy family and friends and are extremely grateful for a blessed life.

Dagmara Schroeder, DVM
Dagmara Schroeder completed her DVM at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2015. That year, she moved to Wisconsin and started as a large animal veterinarian at Stateline Veterinary Service. Dagmara specializes in bovine Embryo Transfer services (with SVSRepro), IVF donor health and management, and calf health. When not at work, Dagmara enjoys cooking, hiking with her dogs, and socializing. Dagmara and her husband Adam live on a farm in Clinton, WI with their two children and miscellaneous collection of animals.