ET & IVF Services

SVS Repro takes pride in being a specialized cattle reproductive service, providing advanced ET/IVF, donor housing, on-farm collections, reproductive ultrasounds, fetal sexing, and tailored donor protocols.


Bovine Embryo Transfer (ET) and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Services

Donor Housing/Haul-In Sites

Provides convenient locations for housing donor cattle during the reproductive process.

Mobile IVF Trailer for On-Farm Collections

Offers on-site collection services with a specialized mobile IVF unit.

On-Farm Embryo Transfers

Facilitates the transfer of embryos directly at the client’s farm for convenience and efficiency.


Reproductive Management and Technology

In-Vivo and In-Vitro Options Available

Provides convenient locations for housing donor cattle during the reproductive process.

Reproductive Ultrasounds and Fetal Sexing

Provides advanced ultrasound services for reproductive health and fetal sex determination.

Individualized Donor Protocols

Creates tailored reproductive strategies for each donor to optimize results.

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International and Compliance Services

Export Certified to EU/AU/Japan/Canada

Ensures compliance with international standards for exporting embryos to various global markets.

Donor and Recipient Coordination

Manages the logistical aspects of coordinating donors and recipients for successful breeding.

Donor Synchronization Supplies

Supplies necessary products for synchronizing donors to streamline the breeding process.


Collaborative Partnerships and Facilities

Partnership with Boviteq in Madison, WI

Collaborates with Boviteq for enhanced expertise and resources in reproductive technologies.

Development of Blueprint Genetics and Maple-Leigh Futures

Established specialized facilities for advancing genetic and reproductive services.

Establishment of Rock Creek Innovations for Donor Housing

Created a new facility focusing on housing and maximizing success in young donors.


Education, Training, and Quality Improvement

AETA Certified Veterinarians Team

Employs a team of certified experts in animal embryo transfer.

Continuous Improvement Through Lessons Learned in Practice

Adapts and refines techniques based on practical, on-the-ground experiences.

Focus on Maximizing Donor Performance and Quality Embryo Production

Dedicated to improving both the health of donor animals and the quality of embryos produced.

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Our History

In 2011, Dr. Gander received the opportunity to work with a fellow producer and close friend, Dave Gregory. Dr. Gander began developing skills in his primary practice interest of bovine embryo transfer. As results improved, so did client interest and Stateline Vet Service began flushing cows regularly in 2013. During that time, a few show-focused breeders began attempting to utilize the emerging technology of in-vitro fertilization into their herd.

The benefits of the IVF technology were easy to see. However, at that time the performance did not justify the expense. Seeing there was an opportunity to provide a better service to their clients, Stateline Vet Service decided to pursue quality bovine OPU/IVF practices. In 2015, Stateline Vet Service partnered with Boviteq in Madison, WI to help with the goal of providing exceptional bovine ET/IVF service to our producers in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. The Stateline Vet Service team spent the next couple of years traveling from farm to farm providing OPU services out of a converted horse trailer. We learned many lessons in IVF practice the hard way and made vast improvements in a short period of time. As the business gained momentum, another area of opportunity was identified. We needed to find a way to house beef and dairy donors.

Cultivating a couple of our great producer relationships, Blueprint Genetics and Maple-Leigh Futures were both founded in the fall of 2017. Success was contagious and business expanded from year to year. In the summer of 2020, we were able to add housing capacity at Blueprint Genetics and open a new donor facility, Rock Creek Innovations, specializing in maximizing success in young donors.

The path has been long and challenging, but the efforts have resulted in SVS Repro; a high-volume AETA Certified ET/OPU business focused on maximizing donor performance, the production of quality embryos, healthy calves, and most importantly the success and profitability of our producers. Attention to detail and maintaining the success of the producer as the primary goal that has earned SVS Repro its distinguished reputation and loyal clientele.

Our Team

Dr. Dan Gander
Dr. John Kornmann
Dr. Dagmara Schroeder
Dr. Kailey Ann McPhail

Dana Brandl
Dan Vyvyan
Emilie Cerny
Ben Veum
Kelli Fischer

Dr. Dan Gander

Dr. John Kornmann

Dr. Dagmara Schroeder

Dr. Kailey Ann McPhail

Dana Brandl

Dan Vyvyan

Emilie Cerny

Ben Veum

Kelli Fischer

Dr. Bios

Dan Gander, DVM
Dr. Gander graduated from the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine in 2010. After a year of dairy practice in northeast Wisconsin, Dr. Gander joined SVS in 2011 providing mostly dairy herd health and food animal general practice.

Currently, Dan spends the majority of his practice time focused on supporting the SVS Repro team, performing DFR, OPU, MOET and ET while working with producers to maximize the performance of these technologies in their herds.


When he’s not practicing veterinary medicine, Dan is spending time with his family. His wife Annie, is a small animal veterinarian and together they have 4 children: Ryne, Hailey, Reese and Brooks. The Ganders raise Hereford beef, play/coach many sports, enjoy family and friends and are extremely grateful for a blessed life.


Dagmara Schroeder, DVM
Dagmara Schroeder completed her DVM at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2015. That year, she moved to Wisconsin and started as a large animal veterinarian at Stateline Veterinary Service. Dagmara specializes in bovine Embryo Transfer services (with SVSRepro), IVF donor health and management, and calf health. When not at work, Dagmara enjoys cooking, hiking with her dogs, and socializing. Dagmara and her husband Adam live on a farm in Clinton, WI with their two children and miscellaneous collection of animals.


Kailey Ann McPhail, DVM

Dr. Kailey Ann McPhail, a native Floridian, came to Stateline Veterinary Service upon graduating from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine in 2018.


Growing up in Florida, she spent much of her free time on the large dairies and ranches in Florida’s heartland as well as working on the Middle Tennessee State University dairy farm for 5 years during her undergrad studies.


Dr. Kailey Ann enjoys working with dairyman in achieving superior calf and heifer health goals.

Along with supporting clients in their pursuit to advance animal welfare practices and using metrics to measure their implementation success. In their free time, Dr. Kailey Ann and her husband Aaron, also a native Floridian, can be found on the water enjoying what the outdoors and change of seasons in Wisconsin have to offer.


Often, Saturdays are filled with fly fishing, duck hunting, and cheering on Gator football. Dr. Kailey Ann also co-leads a trip to the Navajo Reservation, serving their veterinary needs in the summer with Christian Veterinary Mission.


John Kornmann, DVM
Dr. John Kornmann grew up in Ellsworth, Wisconsin on his parents’ hobby farm. He attended UW-River Falls for undergrad and graduated from UW-Madison for veterinary school in 2012. He joined Stateline Veterinary Service in March of 2022 and specializes in bovine reproduction.

When not at work Dr. Kornmann enjoys spending time with his wife Lauren and their three children on their cow calf operation near Roscoe, Illinois.

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